Off Site Training

Our Balconi Top Training staff will bring our Balconi “tools” to you. All equipment, workouts and “pro” training sessions will be provided by our Balconi Top Training staff. We will bring the best out of your team.

Off Site Training: What we bring to you.

Speed and Agility: Ladder, cones, hurdles, resistant bands

-Today most athletes and teams have taken part in some kind of speed & agility sessions. This session will “educate” the athlete on the importance of burst of speed and why being agile is not only crucial on the field, but for longevity. Movements and examples of the correct form will also be provided, as well as “at home” techniques to practice for speed and agility.

Power, CORE Strength and Complete body strength: On the field, at home and on the road! Disc, band resistance, weighted balls, physio balls and more.

-Education and movements that will strengthen all areas that consist within the athlete’s CORE. Unfortunately, misunderstanding and lack of knowledge/training of the core is what leads to most injuries of athletes today. CORE movements will be provided specifically to meet their individual sport’s needs and demands.

-Will also provide the “how to” do at home workout sessions and get the same burning results that an athlete would with their trainer. We will also give workouts to do on the road during tournament play, etc.

Injury prevention, flexibility, stability and balance: Techniques and movements that will deter injuries

-Education and movements to re-hab current or past on the field injuries and/or surgeries. Balconi will leave you with fitness movements that will deter, fix and delay injuries that may already be in your path or may be waiting for you down the road.

Skill & Tactics: (If applies)

-We have the expertise to intermix the specific sport skill with our Balconi Top Training tools above.

Sports Yoga: Education and movements that will include flexibility yet some are strengthening movements that will only enhance such relaxation among the body and mind on recovery days.

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