Balconi Top 10 Muscle Power Foods

Along with ideas on how to incorporate them into your food!

1. Greek Yogurt
– Add gluten free crunchy peanut butter on WASA crackers, no sugar crash!
2. Salmon
– Steamed green beans and a spinach and red pepper salad with feta.
3. Almonds
– With apple slices or a handful of blueberries
4. Green Tea
– Have with a square of dark chocolate, satisfy the sweet tooth!
5. Olive Oil
– Balconi salad dressing: Olive oil, squeezed lemon, honey mustard and pepper
6. Avocado
– Instead of sodium loaded chips, slice cucumber slices and dip away!
7. Quinoa
– Cut and steam fresh broccoli and add baked chicken
8. Citrus fruit
– Squeeze fresh made OJ, add ice cubes and yogurt into a blender- OJ smoothie.
9. Lean Red Meat
– Makes a great bolognaise sauce over wheat pasta
10. Protein Shakes
– Whey protein, almond milk, peanut butter and ½ banana, sweet goodness!

Please keep in mind, there are many other foods that build muscles and provides a healthier look and lifestyle. These are just a few of the Balconi favorites that are convenient, affordable and easy to store in your fridge.

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