Balconi Team goes hiking up Secret Lake Mountain, Salt Lake City

Lindsey Noteboom, the CFO of Balconi Company, is the outdoorsy guru of the Balconi bunch.  This being stated;  Lindsey felt it was her duty to schedule in a Balconi team hike up Secret Lake Mountain in Salt Lake City before the team flew back to Ohio.  Lindsey led the way up the Secret Lake Mountain, making it look easy and as if we shall have no worries.  No worries….Yah Right!  The Balconi team has never looked so scared, yet so amazed all at the same time.  Scared because a fall down a grassy knoll in Ohio, sounds quite delightful compared to a 1000 ft fall down a rocky  mountain with snow, ice and water below…Yet, amazed;  Mother nature outdid herself when painting the Secret Lake Mountain.  The Secret Lake Mountain has just that on top of the mountain, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, trees and flowers.

Balconi team slowly making their way up to the top
Lindsey Noteboom climbing the mountain

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