Team is family, Family is Team.

You start as a team, you end as a team. Whether you’re a soccer player, football player, corporate CEO or a stay at home mom; you’re part of a team. That team is your family and therefore you wear two names at all times across the front of your chest and across the back of your shoulders. These names do not have to be seen, they are just known. The team you are representing is worn on the front of your chest. Your team can be your high school, your company or the team of 4 little kids pulling on your shirt.

The name across the back of your shoulders is your last name. This is your family, loved ones and friends of family. Therefore, you must always think bigger than yourself, you must always play bigger than yourself and you will always be representing more than yourself. How you present yourself in front of others is a direct reflection on your team and your family. Out of respect and love for those who are a part of you, you will always be at your best and when you can’t or don’t want to go anymore….think about those names on the front and back of you. It is a reminder you must live life bigger than yourself.

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