Building your OWN workout

Four easy words will help anyone create a full body workout: push, pull, legs and core. We understand not everyone may have the time and money to afford professional training advice or trainings. Simplicity is key when it comes to putting together your own fitness program, unless you are educated and certified in this area. So, look below and perform your own workout.

Try doing 10-15 repetitions of each movement, then move to the next movement. Go through this workout 3 times. As you get more confident, be more creative with your movements.

Here is a Balconi example of our OWN in-home, back yard, or office workout.

PUSH: Push ups or Chair dips

PULL: Pull ups or Band pulls

LEGS: Body weight squat or walking lunges

CORE: Plank or V-ups

Want to jump start the heart? Go ahead and perform 30 seconds to 1 minute of Jumping jacks, running in place or high knees after each complete set!


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