Take one more step

Advice that we would like to pass on; Always take one more step.

Athlete: If you play a sport and you just finished a two hour practice and everyone is going home to eat, lay on the couch or go out. Take 15 minutes and work on what you are great at. This will put you one more step ahead everyone else.

Professional business: There is a staff meeting and you are asked to brainstorm a creative pitch to sell more merchandise. The 3 hour brainstorming session is complete for the day. Take a break, go for a walk, do exercise to enhance your endorphins and then put 20 more minutes towards that creative pitch…don’t be the one who walks in still focusing on the problems of yesterday… be the one that comes in with a solution.

Student: Close the book, go for a walk and get some rest. Wake up, the morning of a test, the presentation or essay. Take a walk, study for 10 minutes, eat breakfast, study for 10 minutes, get to class 10 minutes early , study for 10 more minutes…30 more minutes of knowledge.

Actress, singer, entertainer: Say your lines one more, Sing one more lyric, Practice one more move…

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