This Canadian reminder…

By: Renee’ Balconi

I drove all day from Ohio to London, Ontario to officially launch Balconi Gear in Toronto, Canada. The drive was easy and kept entertained listening to the football games all day Sunday. Although, my brain somewhat settled listening to the Browns game, I actually was doubting myself going into these meetings in Canada. It’s never easy being in a state, let alone a different country your are not familiar with. Then on top of feeling out of place, you’re introducing a brand and products people may have never seen before. But that is where I was wrong… and I was reminded of that last night.

I checked into a hotel that I usually do not stay. I met a wonderful young woman at the front desk who greeted me warmly and welcomed me “home”. As I was checking in, I learned she is part of the hurricane relief group and had recently traveled through the mid-west to assist others. Very long story short; I checked in the room and headed out for sushi. On my way out the door of the hotel, I hear; “Excuse me, Wear Your Confidence doesn’t mean anything to you would it?” I smile and very, very long story short, her and her friend who are located in the mid-west love our Balconi brand and our Balconi Hats. She remembered my Dad calling me sissy in our Balconi story and most importantly, she loved the Balconi brand meaning. After talking and thanking her over and over again, I left to go get dinner.

I sat down in my hotel, after picking up dinner and I had this overwhelming feeling…I have to go give her a Balconi Hat! I have too. I left my dinner untouched and walked down the hallway and there she was, she met me half way in the hallway. I told her I was just going to find her to give her this Balconi Hat. She responded saying, I was just going to slip this under your door. She handed me an envelope and said “I mean every word”.

I opened the envelope and it  consisted of a note that I will not share, for her words spoke from the heart and I treasure such a gift. But, she reminded me why I was here in Canada. It was not to sell Balconi Hats… it was to keep spreading the feeling ofBalconi. I will never forget this Canadian reminder…


Thank you… you know who you are!

The Drive in Canada

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