The Healthiest Food Combinations of Balconi

This past weekend was the perfect Fall weekend!  The weather was in the mid 50’s-60’s, football games were playing and the Balconi Fall recipes were in the making.  As I started creating my Fall favorite treats, I had the same thought that I’ve had many of times lately;  “One day we will have a Balconi cook book.”  I literally can create almost any snack or dish and find ways to make it healthy. As I started listing off all the wonderful healthy creations we could put in our Balconi cook book, I quickly realized that we have one big issue. I wouldn’t be able to provide the recipe because we make all our food with love, no certain amount of ingredients or precise measurements. So, I quickly went into solution mode, we never delay on the problem, we just move forward and make it happen. The solution:  Blog and do a few of our Balconi healthy favorite snacks and meal combinations until we have someone who measures all the ingredients as we make our cibo’.(AKA: Italian for “food”)

1.  Cracker protein berry crunch:  2 Wasa crackers, spread gluten free chunky peanut butter over both crackers, grab a handful of blueberries and place on top of crackers.  Scoop Greek 0% plain yogurt and spread on top of the cracker as well. Mmmm, gooey mess but so lovely to the tummy.

2.  Red pepper and Cucumber sandwich:  Half red pepper, smash up 1/4 avacado into guacamole and put inside of the half red pepper. Spread crumbled feta cheese into pepper, lay cucumber slices ontop of the feta.  Then top off your Red pepper and cucumber sandwich with some honey mustard. Crunchy and fresh!

3.  The perfect dinner for Fall time:  Bake a piece of fish. Season the fish with lemon and pepper. Cut bell peppers and tomatoes, put them on foil. Squeeze lemon and shake pepper on these veggies. Wrap up foil and bake next to fish for 12-15 minutes(depending on fish). Boil fresh green beans for about 8-10 minutes. Make a fresh salad with spinach and/or fresh Spring mix. Add crumble feta. Now, take the baked fish and baked veggies and lay on top of salad.  You know have a perfect Fall temperature meal…Not too hot and not too cold, but just right.

Buon appetito’!


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