Trampoline Act at the Mall of America

Balconi Gear attended the Snow and Ski Expo at the Mall of America this past weekend.  We met a lot of fun, stylish and inspirational people this past weekend.  As always, we are reminded that Balconi is SO much more than selling our Balconi Hats and products.  It’s truly about the amazing stories we hear from other individuals.  Whether it be stories about overcoming tragedy, living their own passions or dreams they have set out to conquer.   Needless to say, I believe we walk away better people from every single event we have attended.  How lucky are we?  Speaking of, how lucky are we;  On a lighter and bouncier note, yes that’s pretty corney but you’ll see why I had to throw that in there by clicking on the link below and watching these awesome trampoline athletes:  Oh and side note:  Do you know that an avg person burns 145-180 calories an hour simply jumping on a trampoline.  I can’t even calculate what these guys burn per hour!   These professional trampolinist put on a show every two hours for three days straight!!  Not too mention, with skis, snowboards and flips all in involved.  Check it out!

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