What is the best protein bar after a workout?

People always ask us at Balconi; What is the best protein bar to eat after a workout? Honestly, it just depends. What kind of workout did you just do? Was it endurance based or was it pure strength? Are you trying to gain, lose or maintain weight? Is your stomach sensitive to certain kind of protein, sugar or dairy?  Where to go to buy protein bars?

Yes, these are all questions we consider in five seconds before throwing out an answer that would fit the person who ask. So, we are going to provide you with the answers above and let this be a guide to selecting a protein best for you!

Post Endurance workout bars:  Honestly, we would suggest fresh over any bar after an endurance workout.  OR, have half of one of these bars along with an apple or banana.  Oski’s, Luna Bar, Larabar, KIND, etc.

Post Strength workout bars:  We would suggest a liquid protein shake over a bar.  If a bar, we like:  Labrada, Pure Protein, Supreme Bars, Detour Bars and EAS bars.

Gaining, maintaining and losing weight:  At Balconi Top Training we usually suggest people to take in bars that consist of 180-220 calories.  We also suggest they team up this bar with a fresh fruit.  If some of our athletes are looking to “gain” weight, we want them to gain muscle not fat.  Therefore, we suggest them to take in more all natural calories compared to packaged bars.  Example:  Luna bar, banana, turkey sandwich and a glass of milk.

Sensitive stomachs:  The less packages and processed foods the better.  Then again, we understand being on the run and not having time.  Here you go:   70% of 14 flavorsof cliff bars are organic.  Larabars are gluten, soy, nut and dairy free.  Oski’s cashew bar is also gluten free.

Places to buy:  Krogers organic and pharmacy section, target pharmacy section, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, TJ Maxx(yes they carry alot of gluten free now), most gas stations(Speedway and BP for sure!).

At Balconi Top Training we suggest the fresher the better BUT we do love our protein bars too!!



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