What’s Balconi?

If you are reading our blogs, then most of you know how the Balconi brand all started, along with the famous Balconi Hat.  The famous Iceland story, along with the loving Dad story but you know what…..there is SO much more.

Balconi brand isn’t just a brand with a cool hat and cool products with function and style.  Balconi is a lifestyle.  Rely on your family, allow them to be your safety net and if you fall, they will catch you and throw you right back up there!  Be a family to others, live life bigger than yourself.  Go out and find your passion,  whatever you love doing, and if it never has been done before, be the first.  If the steps have never been walked before, you start the path and others will follow.  Then, have the confidence to go out and live it.  Yes, it’s scarey to take a jump into the unknown, but guess what?  You have your safety net, you have a passion that you love and these two things make it worth it to jump.  And this is why “Wear Your Confidence”was created for people like you.

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