BURN of Thanksgiving Calories today the Balconi way!

Ok, it’s the first day back from the Thanksgiving week and weekend.  You are most likely over turkey and you are feeling a little bloated….or a lot bloated.  So, snap out of it!  Go into solution mode, as we always do at Balconi.  Stop delaying on the the problem, stop thinking about all the food you ate and how horrible you feel.  Fix it and fix it now!

1.  If you are reading this blog, stop and give me 20 push ups.  Then give me 20 squats, put your hands on the chair, feet on the ground and give me 20 more incline push ups, give 20 jumping jacks, now lay on the ground;  Put your feet on the chair and drive your hips up in the air and squeeze your cheeks together and lower, do this 20 times.  Now, those movements just took you 2 minutes and guess what;  You just burned more calories then yesterday, you’re in solution mode.

2.  Lunch time is about to hit;  Leave ten minutes early and go for a walk.  If it’s raining out, do the exact same workout above x 2.  Walk to lunch and eat fresh.  Suggestion:  Salad with veggies, feta cheese, lean meat and dressing on the side.  Lot of water and add lemon.  Walk to a cafe’, buy a green tea and let the green tea give your metabolism a boost, which means you will burn more calories!  Walk home.

3.  Before you sit;  Repeat the workout you did before lunch x 1.  At 3pm, which is “crashing” time for most people, get up and repeat the Balconi workout again(above) x 1.  Go for a quick walk and grab your second cup of hot green tea and snack on a piece of dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth and the green tea will wake you up with the natural caffeine.

4.  Right before you pack up and head home from work:  Perform the Balconi workout 1 more time!  Walk home or once you get home, block out a 30 minute window for a walk or jog with your family or friends.

5.  Overall today, look what you have crammed into your busy today:  A Balconi office workout that you have completed 5 to 6 times.  Which was over 100 repetition’s per movement, good for you!  You also have walked 30-60 minutes today.  This is what we call at Balconi, solution mode!  We are proud of you.

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