Dynamic vs. Static Stretching before you train.

Dynamic vs Static Stretching before you train?

Imagine a rubber band in your hand, now pull the rubber band as far as you can without snapping it in half, hold that stretch of the rubber band for 20 seconds.  Now, slowly bring it back to the normal state of mind, and what do you have?  A loose and “limp” band, with no quick elasticity or power.   The way this rubber band now looks and feels in your hand is exactly what static stretching does to your muscles.

Now, imagine a fresh new rubber band in both of your hands.  Slightly pull and give in to the rubber bands, little twitches at a time.  Never stretching the band to far and never holding the stretch too long, but just enough to create a looser band that still holds that power and elasticity.  The way this rubber band now looks and feels in your hand is exactly what dynamic stretching does to your muscles.

Based on the two rubber band scenarios we just presented to you, what type of stretching seems to better prepare your muscles for explosive, quick and powerful training?  Dynamic training prepares your body to perform without lost of energy and strength.  Static stretching is a post activity, to calm and create blood flow to repair the torn down muscle quicker and to relieve such lactic acid after a training session.

Simply stated:  Dynamic before you train.  Static stretching after!

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