Establish a goal and go into solution mode today.

As we reach the Holiday season, our plates seem to fill up with tons of appointments, plans and loose ends that must be completed before the end of the year.  Whether it be business decisions that will determine the faith of the business in 2012, or personal relationship decisions that will define you as a person for 2012, or it’s the travel and holiday details that must be set by the end of this week and fit smoothly with all other family members.  We could go on and on, listing the stress’s and outside factors that have overloaded our plates this time of year.  So, we are here to help you focus and go into solution mode, not into panic attack and break down mode.

Establish a goal for today.  Wake up in the AM and make a list of what you need to accomplish today.  Make a realistic list on PAPER, yes paper.  There is something satisfying about actually “checking” off what you have completed.  This feeling of satisfaction will keep you rolling onto the next task, ultimately leading you to your final goal that you wish to accomplish that day.

Establish a goal for that week.  Take 10 minutes during your weekend and make a brief list of what needs to be accomplished this week.  Start Monday morning with a “map-quest” of task will ease the stress of organizing the clutter of what all has to get done.  Now, does this mean your path won’t have road blocks, absolutely not.  The key is to work around and through these road blocks but never loose sight of your goal, eventually you must shift back onto the path.  Drift but don’t loose control.

Establish the goals for the year.  Where do you want to be personally and professionally by 2012.  Do your research, make the initial contacts now, set the meetings for the next step and be ahead of the first minute of 2012.  You plan for your happiness and success, don’t let the outside distractions take you away from accomplishing your goals.  This is your life, define and make a list…..and start checking off the list today, there’s never going to be the perfect time.

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