The Balconi Team looks forward to the holiday season: to begin decorating of our offices, listening to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas CD, and mostly, the chance to share time and memories with family. As December 1st is swiftly approaching,  we are so excited to hear Rail Trail Supply has already began embracing the holiday spirit!

Torey of Rail Trail Supply Co. in New York sent an email to us sharing her holiday spirit! With the help of her mom and brother, she spent hours decorating and preparing for the holidays. What great memories to be made, decorating your retail store with family. Torey displayed the Balconi Hats on the center table with great holiday decorations, greeting customers when they arrive!

Torey also had to this to share: “I’m finding that people think they make great gifts. If they buy one for themselves, they also buy one for their friend..” Torey’s goal for Rail Trail Supply Co. is to make it into a Made in USA store. She hopes to turn her store into all made in USA products by next holiday season. She has also incorporated the Balconi Hat feature from the People Magazine: Made in America Holiday Gift Guide 2011. What a great way to capture the spirit of the holidays, as well as supporting Made in America products! Torey also shares with us: “I’ve spent most of my energy bringing in items that make people say, “this is awesome – I haven’t seen this before…” and Balconi does that.”

Thanks so much to Torey and Rail Trail for sharing such a great story to help kick start this holiday season!

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