Sami Rutowski giving back through her passion….

Sami Rutowski giving back through her passion

Awhile back we had wrote a blog post asking people to send in their Balconi lifestyle story.  Stories of relying on their family or being a family to someone else, then going out and finding their passions and having the confidence to do it, to live it.  At the same time, giving back that same opportunity to others, by living life for more than themselves.  Sami Rutowski, a Jr. in High school does just that.  Sami, is a very talented soccer player who has earned herself a scholarship to play soccer at D1 college.  Yes, soccer is one of Sami’s passions but that’s not why we chose to feature Sami for our Balconi blog today.  Sami, doesn’t spend her Friday afternoons after school like a lot of other high-school teenage girls….Sami, gathers up her teammates from her soccer team and coach’s Top Soccer kids most Friday afternoons.  The US Youth TopSoccer program is an outreach program for soccer.  TopSoccer is a community based training and team placement for young athletes who suffer from all kinds of disabilities.  The main focus of the program is to bring these young boys and girls who suffer from these mental and physical disabilities together and provide them the opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer.   Sami gathers up her teammates and passes on her knowledge and skills almost every week.  This is just one of the many ways Sami chooses to work with disability kids, she participates in many charitable acts throughout the community.  We feel very lucky to have Sami a part of our Balconi family and it’s young people like Sami who allow others to find their passion by living life bigger than herself….

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