Switch up your workout routine

The holidays are slowly winding down with a few gift exchanges to go. But the feasts for the holidays are coming to a end. Enjoying all of the holiday food traditions can start to add up if you are not careful. This year don’t wait until New Years Eve to make a resolution to eat better, workout more often, or be stronger overall. Start today. No day is better to start then right now. Take it slow and get back into your everyday routine. Holidays serve as a wonderful time to catch up and enjoy moments with friends and family. But our schedules and eating habits seem to always get a bit off track with the travels and holiday sweet temptations.

Start today and get back into your positive workout routine or get started on a new activity. If you run everyday, maybe switch it up one day out of your week. Try something new in preparation for the new year. Get a workout and relax after the holiday break with a yoga class. Find a local yoga class and go to with a friend. There are always things like team sports, get some of the college friends and get a pick up game of soccer going. It is a great workout and a great chance to catch up with some friends. Even break out of the ordinary and try something like speed skating this year. It is a great leg workout and a challenging sport!

Promise yourself to try and do something new to switch up the everyday routine for this upcoming year. Push yourself to try new sports, new workouts, new activities to keep things interesting in preparation for the new year. Start now! What are you waiting for, pick up that yoga mat!

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