5 Balconi Tips to “BETTER” you!

The great thing about Jan.1st of every year, it’s a day that literally gives you an excuse to start over and/or start something completely new.  Some people say Jan.1st is just another day and every day is an opportunity to start something new or start all over again, and you know what….those people are right to some extent.  Although, it feels so much better when you say, ” that was last year”, rather than “that was yesterday.”  So, be excited about starting a new year, why not?!  There is nothing wrong with finding another day, another moment in life to celebrate.  Don’t listen to the humbugs of the New Years, don’t treat this day like any other because it’s not.  It’s the only day and the first day of Jan.1st 2012.   How are we at Balconi celebrating the new year?  Honestly, each one of us has made our own personal plans to be better.  Simply better to ourselves, better to our families, better in health, better in finances, better dealing with stress and better in our relationships.  “Better” is such a surface word and SO much can lie underneath such a broad word, so I will get even deeper for you and give you tips on how we plan to get better.  Maybe some of these tips will help you as well…

Better to ourselves:  Take a moment and breathe.  Enjoy the moment and live for that moment, don’t always rush to finish that hour.

Better to our families:  Find a way to be there.  Be more present and show support of each other.  Time is the most precious gift you can give anyone.

Better in finances:  Dig down to the nitty gritty of all your bills and make a plan to create a stable and strong foundation for your future.  Don’t build a home on unstable foundation or eventually it will collapse.

Better in dealing with stress:  Workout for 20 minutes at least.  Go on a walk, take time for YOU.  When you’re at your best, everyone around you is at their best as well.

Better in relationships:  Love them.  Don’t just say I love you, show the people you love how much you care.  At the same time, don’t ever wish you would have said something…you have no idea how much a compliment or a nice gesture means to someone, it goes a LONG way.

Hopefully these Balconi “Better” tips may help you in planning your New Years Resolution.  Or, maybe they have simply guided you to having a better day today.  However you want to spend this Sunday, do yourself a favor and just take a minute to better you.


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