Balconi Fitness tip 11: Ten Stress Relieving Foods

Top 10 Stress Relief Foods

1. Avocado and Banana: loaded with potassium which keeps blood pressure low
2. Hot Tea: Calming and relaxing feelings from a smooth cup of hot tea
3. Swiss Chard: magnesium helps balance the body’s stress hormone
4. Fish: Omega-3 fats in fish help keep you calm
5. Whole-Wheat Pretzels: carbohydrates offer an energy boots and release serotonin
6. Carrots: munching on crunchy foods help beat stress
7. Milk: relieve tense muscles from b-vitamins, protein, calcium and vitamin d
8. Yogurt: lay off the ice cream and reach for a yogurt
9. Nuts: help boost you immune system from vitamins and zinc
10. Chocolate: dark chocolate may lower levels of stress

A kind thank you to for providing this great information about stress relieving foods! Take a look at the link for images, recipes and in-depth descriptions of these ten amazing foods!

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