Balconi Fitness tip 7: Define what you’re great at

“Define what you’re great at”…..Now that message can apply to many areas of your life.  The funny thing is, once you define what you’re great at in one area of your life, you’ll be able to find what your great at in ALL areas of your life quite quickly.  Why?  They all will have something in common.  Take for example Ronnie, my brother.  He is great at entertaining:  gymnastics, singing, dancing and acting.  In entertaining you have to think on your feet, on a “whim” or “improv” Is what they call it  In entertaining, Ronnie has to find a way to relate and make every single person around him feel comfortable and enjoy his presence.  Ronnie has to diagnose what his audience is seeking for and deliver.  In gymnastics, Ronnie has to learn and practice hours of movements and procedures that he has to go through without making one mistake because he is always being judged….

What does Ronnie do other than entertaining, Ronnie works all night at the ER four night a week.  Guess what Ronnie has to do?  Ronnie has to entertain, he has to think with immediate reaction, on a “whim”.  Ronnie has to be able to relate with all the different patients that walk through the ER room at 3am and then Ronnie has to diagnose what his patient is in need of and he has to find a way to deliver.  Ronnie has to practice hours of correct procedures and go through these steps without making one mistake because he is always being judged….

My point is;  Find what you’re great at and then I believe you will find success in your fitness routines, your work life and your personal life.


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