Balconi Fitness Tip 8: Finding the Perfect Workout Tools

Fitness is all about the work that you put in and keeping on a schedule. But there are some great products out on the market right now that can help you maximize not only your time but the effectiveness of your run or workout. Here are three watches that are out on the market currently that have new features to help you while you are working out. Whether you are a runner, workout junkie or a triathlete, there is a watch to fit your specific needs while you are performing at your highest during a workout.


Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is a great new product. Nike just released this amazing watch that is powered by TomTom. This watch is designed for the true runner inside of you. A minimalist design with a square watch face, this black watch is a fashionable yet fitness worthy accessory. Great for people who run and train for marathons as well as someone looking for a running coach. This watch does everything! It is powered by Nike+ and the sensor for your shoes is optional with this product. Set up this watch on your computer through a built in usb port, to personalize your data. This watch does everything, it will track your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned all in one modern design. This watch has is the ability to map out new routes to run locally while taking into account your pace data and changes in elevation. It would be hard to believe that this watch can do even more then what we stated above. But, it does get better! If you are looking for that extra push, that motivation to get running, this watch is even better for you. This watch automatically reminds you to go for a run if a new run has not been logged within five days. Just simply set up this up according to your personal goals and start running!


Mutewatch has been developed and is being produced out of Sweden. This is a very modern watch and comes in two available colors, a charcoal grey and a red. This watch is made from silicone so it is comfortable during a workout. The display is the truly unique quality to the watch. The LED display has been programed to be a touch screen. The screen also automatically adapts its brightness to the surrounding light so the screen will display the most visible. The Mutewatch is all about silence and notifying you of the time as quietly as possible. The alarms and notifications on this watch are powered through vibrations. No more worrying about listening to music while you are working out and trying to pay attention to a sounding alarm. This watch can notify you of the alarm with a long or short series of vibrations. There is a great motion sensor that has been built into the watch that detects when a high level of movement is being engaged from your person which activates a higher intensity vibration alarm. So no more worrying about missing your alarm while doing a strenuous circuit, the Mutewatch will keep you notified with a simple vibration. The Mutewatch company’s philosophy can be said in a few words “The Mutewatch works for everyone who has a set of tasks, a goal to achieve and only 24 hours a day to do so.”


Timex Ironman Run Trainer is a great watch for anyone looking to train for a triathlon. It is designed for the type of challenging workouts that triathletes are accustom to. This watch can be used in full GPS mode for up to 8 hours and is 50m water resistance. This is armed with SiRFstar IV GPS technology for a quick performance. It will track and display pace, distance and heart rate in real time as you are training. This watch is customizable to adapt to the specific needs you have as an athlete. One feature that is very beneficial is the ability to add 15 workouts to your watch with data summary. This watch is great for those of you who are really looking to track all aspects of your workout. Any of the Timex Ironman Series watches would be a great piece for any triathlete to have on their wrist.

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