Balconi Fitness Tip Day 1: The “YOU” plan

First Day of our Balconi Fitness tips:  Grab a piece of paper and pen.  No, not your blackberry or I-touch/I-pad.  There is something to be said about real life paper and pencil and actually being able to post this piece of paper on your fridge, wall or in your pocket.  This piece of paper is your 2012 “Better you PLAN.”  Today we are going to guide you on how to create the perfect fitness plan.

#1:  List your goal or goals (Example:  Happier, more energy, fit into last years jeans, lower blood pressure, etc.)

#2:  Areas of your life;  Physically and mentally you would like to improve. (Example:  Physically- Define arms, tight butt and flatter/muscular stomach.  Mentally-Less stress and more organized with my daily task)

#3:  Resources that you have access to that will allow you to accomplish #1 and #2. (Example:  Gym membership, free yoga class, bands and a physio ball, or simply a 5 foot space in my bedroom, which will work!)

#4:  Calendar-  Mark in days a week and time of day that you will dedicate at least 20-45 minutes to bettering you.  REALIZE this please, just because you don’t have a 20 minute gap to give you does not give you an excuse.  I bet you can find a way to bloack our four 5 minutes blocks throughout your day. (Example: 5 min before shower, 5 min before lunch, 5 min in the afternoon and 5 min before you go to bed or while dinner is cooking=20 minutes, yes!)

#5:  Last but not least-  What is your driving force, WHY will you stick to your fitness plan of bettering you this year? (Example:  To be an idol to someone, to be a better teammate, Mom/Dad, teacher and let’s not forget to keep the #1 reason why to stick to your fitness plan….YOU!)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Balconi Fitness Tip #2 and if you have any questions along the way, we are here for you and please ask away.

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