Balconi Fitness Tip Day 2: The Nutrition plan for you

Hello and welcome back to Day 2 of our Balconi fitness tips.  Yesterday, was out first day of launching our Balconi fitness plan on how we are going to help you “better you” this year.  Yesterday’s blog gave such suggestions as listing your goals, target areas you’d like to focus on and actually writing down and sticking to the schedule!  Today is the next very important part of your plan in bettering you;  the nutrition plan.  Your nutritional intake is the LEAD role of the big Broadway show, it’s the grand slam of the World Series, it’s the half time show of the Super Bowl….you get my point, you NEED to focus on your nutrition to get the best results for you.  On that note, grab a pencil and paper and let’s start:

Step 1:  Write down times of days you will be able to squeeze in 5-7 mini meals a day.  Think of a cow crazing on grass all day, that’s you…not the cow part, the “crazing part”:)  Example: 7am- breakfast, 10am-snack, 12pm- lunch, 3pm-snack, 6pm-dinner, 8pm-snack.

Step 2:  List 4 categories at the top of your paper:  Breakfast food, Lunch food, Snack food and Dinner Food.   Below each category list your favorite healthier food options that you can select from daily.  Example:  Breakfast:  2 wheat toast w/peanut butter/banana or  yogurt/granola/blueberries.   Lunch:  Grilled chicken salad with veggies, feta cheese/crackers/dove chocolate or Turkey wrap/side salad/pear.  Snacks:  almonds, homemade trail mix, apple, Greek yogurt and berries, guacamole and cucumber slices.  Dinner:  Baked salmon, brown rice and cooked veggies or pan seared steak, sweet potatoes and green beans.

Step 3:  Make a grocery list of the items above and plan a cooking day.  Cook a bunch of chicken, cut up veggies, wash fruit and store away in plastic containers in your fridge.  Now your week is almost set.

Step 4:  Take a long look at your Fitness plan, you now have your goals and your schedule of workout times/days, as well as your nutritional plan all set.  Take a deep breath and know we are on our way of bettering not just you, but your whole family!

Stay tuned to our Balconi Fitness tips that we will happily provide you each day this month.  So exciting!

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