Balconi Fitness Tip Day 3: What kind of workout is best for you?

Now that you have your fitness and nutrition plan on paper, along with your set fitness schedule, we are on to Day 3 of bettering you.  What kind of workout is best for you?  This is a hard question to answer since I cannot see you or know your fitness goals but I can give some general advice that I know will assist you in determining what’s the best workout for you:

Your primary focus is losing fat and letting your brain relax:  Cardio is your answer.  30min-1:hour of consistent cardio will allow your brain to escape while burning calories and cutting fat.   You can perform your cardio by jogging/walking outside, on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, swim, hiking or even rowing.

Your primary focus is cutting fat BUT also have a lean, tight figure:  AND you want to be able to do this at home or anywhere:  Think ” confusion”, how can you confuse and shock your system?  Example: 2 min high kneed, 30 sec squat jumps, 30 sec push ups, 30 sec pull ups(or band pulls) 1:00 min walking lunges and 1:00 min plank.  Do this workout 3 times and you have shredded fat and toned your body all at the same time.

Your primary focus is to have sexy muscles, very little fat and to look like the hot red carpet movie star:  Circuit training, Interval training, a little bit of cardio and mix up your fitness routine.  Example week:  Monday- Circuit, Tuesday-Cardio, Weds-Circuit, Thurs-Cardio, Fri-off, Sat-Yoga, Sun- Family day fun.

The Athlete:  You are a athlete, you are an ex-athlete and you want to always maintain that athlete “look”.  Well simple train like an athlete!  Example week:  Monday- Full Body, Tuesday:  Sprint/Plyo’s, Weds:  Upper body, Thurs:  Light cardio/Yoga  Fri:  Full Body, Weekend:  Be active and just enjoy time away, take care of your body.  Message maybe?

Have fun and hope we helped!

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