Balconi Fitness tip Day 4: Cleanse your body of the weekend

What a weekend and you may have celebrated the end of your first work week a little too much?  Or maybe you enjoyed the football snacking that goes with the amazing NFL games?  OR maybe, you just want to start of this week feeling “Clean.”  Here are some natural and healthy ways to cleanse your body of all those toxins, check it out!

Water, lots of water

Find ways to ADD lemon to your water, your salad dressings, etc.

Eat raw vegetables

Eat Fresh fruit( Grapefruits and apples are perfect!)

Add green tea and other herbal teas to your daily routines at least twice a day.

Add honey or maple syrup

Stay away from carbonated drinks, sugar packed drinks and artificial sweeteners

Staw away from salt and other sodium densed seasoning.( Sodium holds fluids in your body)

Stay away from alcohol and lessen your coffee intake

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