Balconi Fitness tip Day 6: Balance out your upper body workouts

As promised from yesterdays blog, we will provide you with examples of some upper body workouts that are balanced.  Again, creating a balanced fitness routine for all areas of your body will give you the “complete” package you are striving for!  Check these Balconi upper body movements:

1.  Dumb Bell workout:  DB Bench Press, Reverse DB fly, Single Arm DB fly, Single Arm DB pull.  (You would move from the first movement to the next movement and then repeat at least 2-3x.  As for the amount of repetitions, those will vary based on what you are personal goal is.

2.  Resistant Band workout:(Wrap band around something sturdy!)  Band single arm punch, Band wide elbow pulls, Band fly to an overhead tricept press, Band single arm rotational pull.  This Balconi band workout, perform each Balconi band movement for 30 seconds, then go to the next movement and repeat.  Go through this Balconi band workout 2-4x.

3.  At home, no weight Balconi workout:  Wide push ups, Soup can or water bottle reverse fly’s, Narrow push up, Water bottle or soup can bent over row.  I suggest maximizing your repititions during this Balconi workout.  Example:  Do as many wide push ups as you can, then do as many reverse flys as you can and so on.  Repeat this 3-5x.

Have fun and we’re proud of you!

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