Get Healthier, Get Informed about Nutrition Labels

Happy New Year, a start to a new beginning, a better you, a better year. This year a lot of our Balconi Fans told us on facebook that working out and developing a healthier lifestyle was their New Years resolution. A great article from Shape Magazine may help those of you looking for healthier options for food. But what is it that you need be looking for? Don’t be persuaded by high calories products in “healthy” looking packaging. Recently, products that are packaged in healthier looking packaging are not as healthy as they appear to be. Always look at the nutrition facts, because those packaging designers can be quite tricky. Just because a product is in recycled packaging with light, natural, brown, green and white printing doesn’t always mean it is a healthy option to eat.

Shape Magazine has provided ten things to look out for in the “Are You Falling for These Food Label Lies?” article. The article cautions people and gives readers a heads up for what to look for to make more informed and overall healthy food decisions.

Check out the link to the Shape Magazine article to find out more about what to look for if the label says:

0 grams of trans fat

100 percent organic or all natural

Made with real fruit

Made with whole grains

Packed with antioxidants


Reduced-fat or fat-free

Free range or vegetarian feed eggs

No nitrates

Calorie counts and serving sizes


Find out what they have to say about the nutrition fact labels!


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