5 Balconi ideas to train ALL muscles throughout your body!

Our bodies consist of many many muscle fibers throughout our entire body.  Why not try to train all our muscles during the week, no one likes to be left out:)  Here are some of our tips:

1.  Perform exercise movements that train more than one muscle at a time.  Sumo squat to a curl to a chest press…

2.  Shock your system:  If you’re a runner, go ahead and change it up to to jump rope for the day.  Or how about swimming some laps?

3.  Respect for other sports:  You like to exercise by playing basketball 4 times a week.  Why not jump into a racquetball game…

4.  Plyo’s with resistance:  Add a little weight like bands to your plyo movements, remember resistance builds muscle!

5.  Max out on body weight:  After a lifting session or even a lifting set, do as many push ups as you possibly can…Oh, that will burn!

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