Chocolate Milk vs Gatorade-When to drink, not which one to drink….

Which one is better, Chocolate milk or Gatorade?  Well, just like most cases, it all depends on what you are in need of at the time of training.  Chocolate milk is the perfect 3:1 carb/pro ratio, which is the perfect ratio AFTER an intense 45 minute interval training or soccer game.  Chocolate milk also offers other nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.  Now,  Gatorade is great for BEFORE/DURING games or long cardio training sessions, where you know sweat will be lost.  Gatorade will settle in your stomach a lot easier than milk for a lot of reasons, but one primary reason is Chocolate milk contains protein.  Protein is a challenge for your stomach to digest, where Gatorade is primarily made of simple carbohydrates and electrolytes, which are a lot easier to digest quickly and replenish your body.  So the question is WHEN to drink chocolate milk and WHEN to drink Gatorade, not which one is better.

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