Our 10 favorite snacks to bring ANYWHERE!

We understand that “time” is limited when it comes to running out the door every day.  No matter what your daily task may be, a
healthy snack is tough to grab…..Well, not to worry!  If you’re a fan of Balconi, you know how we work: Solution mode!  Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks that we suggest our athletes, clients and friends to pack as they head out the door for the week:

1. Gluten free granola mix and raw almonds.  No crashing with this snack, in fact it’s a power snack. It will add energy to your day.

2. Apple and side of PB.  Grab a little container or store some PB in your desk/locker.

3. Sliced strawberries and cashews.  A little sweet heaven with some salty goodness.

4. Carrots and walnuts.  Another powerful snack with a perfect balance of nutrients.

5. Pretzels and grapes.  This is the true definition of “sweet and salty” in our book!

6. Beef jerky-low sodium.  This can be an awesome protein snack, but beware of the sodium.

7. Pistachios.  I mean that’s all I need to say….

8. Luna bar.  This bar has the perfect carb/pro/fat and calorie mix for anyone!

9. Peppermint hard candy and mix with a crushed dark chocolate.  Crush both and mix in bag. Sweet tooth with a fresh kick!

10. Celery sticks with almond butter.  Add some apple slices and you have the perfect “healthy comfort” snack.

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