Sore from a workout? 5 helpful Balconi tips for you

Feeling a little sore the day or two after your workout?  This “sore” feeling is actually called DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and it is caused by little micro tears in the your muscles that you created through your new or adjusted workout.  The more intense and/or duration of your workout will be the direct result of HOW sore you will be feeling the day or two afterwards.  Ok, now that we have educated you on DOMS, AKA:  My muscles are SORE!  Here is some tips to ease that love/hate feeling of burning and repairing that is going on inside that lean machine of yours:

1.  Foam roller:  You can purchase one of these rollers at any DICKS, Meijers, Target and even TJ MAXX

2.  Epsom salt bath:  Not only relieves sore muscles but also has been known to ease stress

3.  Active recovery:  A light jog and stretch immediately following your new kick butt work out.

4.  Yoga:  This has been a new and bang for your buck way to reduce some soreness throughout your entire body…and mind

4.  Good old fashion ice bath:  Load up the tub or tin trash can with ice and cold water, then sink and be tough for at least 10 minutes!

5.  Massage:  Creating circulation/blood flow to the torn down muscles will allow a faster recovery.  AND, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a message???

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