Teaching YOU how to fight: Duck, Swivel and PUNCH BACK!

February is the month of sweet treats and it’s the month when people tend to feel the “Winter blues.”  These two punching combinations can take a huge toll on your body, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  Let’s not forget, it’s also Valentines month…and depending on your personal love situation, this may be the 3rd knock out punch that officially knocks you down.  NOW, not to worry!  We are here to teach you how to duck, and swivel around these punches and hit back, yes HIT BACK!  First and foremost; Prepare for the fight.

1.  Write down what punches you expect to take this month.  Is it the sweet treats?  Is it the relationship or lack of?  Is it the cold weather, business task and etc.?

2.  Write down HOW you are going to duck the first punch, second, third and swivel all the punches.

3.  TIME TO HIT BACK:  Now, write down your punches.  For example:  You have a sweet tooth, you ducked the hit(which means you dodged the extra peanut butter chocolate heart at CVS) and now you need to hit back.(Which means, you need to substitute that craving with a “healthier” choice.)  Example:  1 Dove Dark Chocolate with a little peanut butter on top.  OR, strawberries with chocolate syrup on top.  Another Example:  Cold Weather blues, you ducked the second hit(Instead of dragging yourself out of bed and into the shower)  You PUNCHED BACK!  (You bundled up and you took a walk in the AM before anyone else stole your breath away.  You took your first deep breath of FRESH air.)  Good for you!  One more Example:  Relationship or just feeling “blah” about yourself.  OK, swivel this combo hit(No more “thinking” about the problem at hand or “wishing” for solutions)  You are hitting back, (Go into solution mode:  Book yourself a massage, get your haircut, go for a jog to get the endorphins flowing and then buy a new fancy top.)  Create the feeling of confidence and let others witness YOU.

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