Workout Playlist: Fit for the Grammy’s

In case you did not watch the Grammy’s last night, we have come up with a playlist for your ipods highlighting some of the winners! Here our top winners that would make a great playlist for any run or muscle busting workout.

  1. Adele: Rolling In the Deep  (Record of the Year)
  2. Foo Fighters: Walk  (Rock Song)
  3. Chris Brown: Yeah 3x  (F.A.M.E. R&B Album)
  4. Kayne West: Power  (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Rap Album)
  5. Jay Z and Kanye West: Otis  (Rap Performance)
  6. Kanye West: All of the Lights (Rap Song)
  7. Skrillex: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dance Recording)
  8. Skrillex: Cinema Remix  (Remixed Rocording, Non-Classical)

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