Balconi Buddy Workout challenge anyone?

Today we are letting you in on a one of our favorite Balconi buddy workout challenges.  Ok, here’s the deal;  Grab a workout partner, it can be best friend,  your sister/brother or significant other, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s someone who will put up the challenge!  This workout will take as long as YOU TWO make it, so the quicker the better for you both…trust me.  Here we go:

1.  5 Buddy Push ups.  (Both resume push up stance position, partner #1 does five push-ups, while partner #2 holds a push up stance, once partner #1 is done with their five push-ups, partner #2 does five push ups, partner #1 has to hold push up stance until all five push ups are completed by #2.  Once the five push ups are completed, #1 partner now pumps out four push ups, partner #2 remains push up stance until all 4 push ups are completed, then he/she will begin their four push ups.  Both partners MUST hold push up stance the whole time and they each must perform push ups 5,4,3,2,1.  Then you’re done.  The challenge:  Who drops first, or do you both succeed?

3 Additional ways to make it more challenging: 1. Start at a higher amount of push ups.  2. Switch up your push up stances and do a variety of different kinds of push ups.  3. Hold a plank instead of a push up stance on certain #’s.

**  During push up stance holds, make sure your back is flat, your core is tight and you are flexing all the way through your toes.  Be straight as a board!**   Stay tuned for more Balconi Buddy workout challenges!

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