Balconi Spring Break Workout #3!

So it’s the end of the week and you want to sweat it out and feel good for the weekend…Well, here is another awesome butt kicking Balconi Spring Workout!  *Perform each set like a circuit, back to back and repeat each set 2-4 times.*

Push up time: (If you can’t do all these push ups with GOOD form, go to knees)5 Diamond push ups, 5 Tricep narrow push ups, 5 Normal push ups, 5 Wide push ups, 5 Diver push ups, Plank 30 sec.

Kickin Legs:(Keep GOOD form, lean back and make sure knees are NOT over toes, chest up, core tight) 10 Narrow squats, 10 Single Leg squats, 10 Normal squats, 10 Sumo squats, 10 split jumps, 10 Single leg hip drives, 1:00 min wall sit.

Have fun!

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