How many reps does it take to break a bad habit vs learning the correct way first?

How important is it to learn the CORRECT movements and/or technique of strength training, speed, plyo’s?  Or how about soccer skill, baseball, basketball and how about the correct running form, golf swing or tennis serve?  Answer:  It takes 3,000-5,000 repetitions to BREAK a bad habit of movement.  Although, if you learn the correct movement right from the start, it only takes 300-500 repetitions to make a fresh habit.  So here is our point of this crazy stat we just threw at you.  Don’t skip the 1st week of practice, don’t skip the instruction phase or the first two weeks of classes…why?  Well if you build a strong CORE foundation first in anything you chose to do, you’ll save time and effort.  Personally, I’d much rather perform repetitions in the hundreds compared to the thousands….wouldn’t you?  For what’s it’s worth;  Never stop practicing the basics, the more correct repetitions you do, the more likely you are to perfect your skill in your chosen sport and/or movements.

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