4 tips to get YOU back on track to working out!

Whether you’re coming off a Spring break, or you took a break from workouts or life in general has pulled you away from taking time to actually work out, it is time to get back at it!  A lot of times the most difficult start to actually working out is actually starting the actual workout….the first step, the first rep, etc.  There will be no perfect time to start, so why not now?  Listen, tomorrow will be the same as today and next week will be just as crazy as last week, therefor start today, period.  Here are some ideas to get you back on path and get you back at it:

1.  Call your BF or someone who betters you and go on a walk while chatting with them.  Whether you walk with them, or you talk on the phone while you walk, it will be great for you.  Not only are you bettering yourself physically but socially and emotionally as well.

2.  Take 2 minutes and do as many push ups as you can.  Take breaks if need be.  It’s only 2 minutes of your life, but it will be enough to jump start your heart rate and build up some momentum for more!

3.  Stand up and start doing jumping jacks for 20 seconds, then do squats for 20 seconds.  Repeat these two movements back to back for at least 5 minutes, your body will thank you in so many ways!

4.  Take a book or magazine and go on the elliptical, treadmill or bike and just sweat it out.  The endorphins will be pumping afterwards and you will also have sweat out all the sweet Easter treats:)

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