6 Fav Balconi Top Training Athlete Breakfast Combo’s

At our Balconi Top Training facility we work with many athletes on a daily basis.  We require our athletes keep a food journal at different times throughout their stages of Balconi training.  We ask them to do this not because of what they are eating, but because of what they are NOT eating.  On that note;  We have selected six of our athletes top breakfast combo’s.  Enjoy!

1.  Most popular- Peanut butter bagel with a banana

2.  On the go- Power bar or energy bar of some sort and fruit

3.  The Blend- Strawberries, blueberries and mango smoothie with whey protein

4.  Sweet N’ Salty –  Chocolate chip pancakes and turkey sausage or bacon

5.  Safe n Simple:  Bowl of whole grain cereal, OJ, fruit

6.  A Melt- Eggs, cheese on wheat toast or english muffin

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