Careful of the hidden “culprit” in your shake…

Meal replacement shakes, protein shakes and energy shakes all can and are found in the heath and wellness sections of the grocery stores…this means they must be healthy for for you right?  No, not necessarily and why?  One of the most guilty culprits that make most of these shakes not as healthy as they seem is SUGAR.  I cannot tell you how many athletes and everyday people who have been tricked by this guilty culprit(aka: Sugar) found over loading their pre and or post shakes.  So, here is my heads up to you:  Just because it is marketed to healthy people, athletes of all kinds and those healthy driven individuals like yourself…does not mean it is healthy for you.  What it means is the brands marketing approach worked on you.  Next time, out smart the marketing of the brand and just take a quick look at the ingredients.

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