Agility work anywhere!

Agility work is a crucial part of training for most atheltes, if not most people in general.  Being “agile” is very important when athletes compete or even on a simple walk outside.  We want to learn to give into our bodyweight and not pound our joints and muscles.  I suggest working on being agile weekly, this will not only take an athlete far in their sport but it will make future steps alot more enjoyable AND your body with thank you!

Two cone agility:  Grab two cones, or two of anything.

Place cones 3 yards apart.  Take athletic stance and perform quick movements for 20 seconds as fast and as LIGHLTY as possible.  Rest and repeat 2-4 times depending on level of athlete and fitness level.



Balconi movements: Repeat each Balconi movement 2-4 times and then move on.

Right foot steps through middle of cones, left foot follows, right foot steps back, left foot follows.  Repeat

Two foot hop-  Hop forward, hop backward

Right foot hop only- Hop foward, hop backward

Left foot hop only- Hop foward, hop backward

Face sideways:  Perform all Balconi movements above but face sideways.




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