You’re one of the top, but you feel alone…

We’ve been very lucky to train the top athletes-individuals within the area these past few years.  Every year there are a few that stand out more than the others.  Maybe it’s the maturity level, maybe it’s the genes they were blessed with or the hard work that is finally all coming together.  One common conversation that each one of these “elite” athletes have brought up to us:  The feeling of being alone….

You see;  Once a person reaches the top of an mountain, the first few minutes are gratifying and breath taking.  As the minutes turns into days, weeks and months…it becomes lonely.  This is when the safety net comes into the conversation.  I remind these “elite” athletes that they need to concentrate on their safety net of people that allowed them to climb to the top of that mountain in the first place.  Your family, faith, your 2 best friends, your coach’s, trainers, your mentors, etc.  Don’t let the outside factors and the jealous hands pull you down from the top…Do the opposite, continue your climb and offer your hand down to pull them up with you.  If they don’t take your hand or if they try to pull you down, then take one power step up and jump even higher…AND if you slip or fall, no worries at all, you have your safety net.  You’re never alone, you’re just one of a kind..and that’s something special;)


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