So she or he is better than you; LEARN from them.

Here’s a tip that will get you very far in life;  Learn from those who are better than you.  You want to be the best, you have to be wiling to learn from the best.  For example, take a look at Lebron James, many would agree he’s one the best basketball players of today.  Who did he look up to?  Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Who did he research and who did he constantly match himself up with when he played the LA Lakers?  Lebron James.  He wasn’t intimidated by another athlete who COULD be better than him, he respected him and eventually surpassed him.(arguable but stats seem to portray so..)  Another example:  Abby Wombach.  Who did she look up to?  Mia Hamm.  Who did she end up matching herself up against and competing against for a starting position?  Mia Hamm.  Yet, they were teammates and today Abby Wombach is one of the best woman players in the world.  My point is;  The most successful people in life are those that don’t waste time and energy on rolling their eyes on the best, they spend their time on learning from the best….

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