Day off-Recovery tips: Importance of taking a “day off”…

At Balconi we believe in working hard, resting, rejuvenation and correct prep to be at your best on or off the pitch or court.  That being said, our athletes have no problem working hard but they do have a hard time “RESTING” and taking that much needed day off at times.  Trust us, we love that problem we have with our athletes but it can be a dangerous problem.  I wanted to explain why it is so important that an athlete of an elite caliber should rest and take time to be a “kid” weekly.

As much as our athletes train at Balconi, with their teams and in additional competitions there needs to be time for their bodies recover.  I often tell them to think of it this way;  If you had to run 10 100 yd sprints back to back with no rest in between sprints..what would you’re 5th sprint time look like compared to your first 2?  Now, if I asked you to run 10 100 yd sprints with breaks in between each sprint, would you say that probably all 10 sprint times may be similar in time?  YES.  Now, relate this back to your body.  If you are full force all the time, with no days off and no rest-recovery methods in your routine than you are only getting half the results of what you’re body is truly capable of.   Let me classify a day off or a recovery day:  You can be active, in fact I would suggest our athletes to move, be social and have fun on their days off.  Laying around, never leaving the couch and staying in one place for the WHOLE day may actually make you more stiff and possibly even more sore the next day.  Here are some examples of a good “day off-recovery day”:

Get enough sleep

Eat a complaete balanced breakfast-lunch and dinner

Snack fresh and frequently throughout the day

Lots of cold ice water

Swim, go for a walk, leisure bike rides, go to a park with your dog, canoe, play a fun basketball game, etc

Be social- Catch up with family, friends, etc

Organize your life outside of soccer-  Make the needed phone calls, follow up on emails, research colleges, read up on summer books, clean your car-room, etc.

Gaps of resting-  Yes, watch a movie, catch up on a series, go to a movie, download music, etc.

Escape the game – Balance is key.  Too much of anything is never a good thing EXCEPT for love.

I hope these Balconi rest and recovery suggestions help you outline a much needed day off for some of you…


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