Balconi Game day nutritional tips

Alright athletes, it’s game day and you have worked hard to perform at your best!  So, we at Balconi wanted to give you the perfect guideline on how to prep and recover with proper nutrition.  We also listed common questions we get from athletes and we have answered them in hopes it helps you.  Now, check it out below and eat like a pro, play like a pro!

Game Day

 Consume a meal 2-4 hours before session or game

  • What would be a good pre-game/training meal?  Think High carb, moderate amount of protein, avoid slow to digest, fatty foods and high in fiber

 Consume a snack 1hr-30 min before game/training

 I have an early AM game, now what?  

  • Consume your pre-training/game meal the night before and grab a high carb snack on the way out the door.

Ok but my stomach is in knots before competition, food is a lost cause? 

  • Try a liquid carbohydrate source(  Fruit smoothie or a meal replacement drink)
  • WASA crackers, whole wheat toast add peanut butter and-or honey top with bannana slices.

Trial and error Theory:  You need to try over and over again to figure out what works best for YOU.  We all our different.

Whew we’re done with practice and/or Game, MUST EAT!

Fun Facts and Tips:  Get Excited!

  • 30 minutes gap after finishing exercise-Think Re-feul and Repair
    • As you walk of the court, drive to hotel, home or dinner.
      • Example:  Water, G2, Fruit and Energy bar or half PB bagel


  • Did you know that you’re supposed to repeat this again within 1-2 hours-Meal time!
    • Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch, dinner

So, I’m at the gas station, what should I grab before or after game-practice?

Gas Station:  Bagel/Fruit & G2, Luna Bar/Fruit & PowerAde, Trail Mix/Fruit and Gatorade, WATER

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