Importance of Balconi In Season-Maintence Training

The importance of Balconi “In-season- Maintenance” season.

Balconi maintenance season is the season where we focus on keeping the athlete healthy.  How do we do this?  

Answer:  A combination of injury prevention, strength training to maintain muscle mass built over the summer, as well as to continue IMPROVING overall performance by specific sport skill.

Why so important?

Studies have shown that when an athlete looses strength during season, this increases the athletes risk of injury, decreases their performance potential, and lowers the base at which they will start training for showcases or next big competition.

At Balconi we strongly suggest our athletes to maintain Balconi training 1-2x a week, this will allow muscle memory to stay fresh, their fast twitch to stay embedded, as well as deter their muscles from being worn to thin, for we want their muscles to stay strong and fresh to deter the pounding of the knee joints, lower backs, etc.   The tempo of the Balconi maintenance season is not to tap the athlete out, it is to keep the athlete fresh and at her best physically-mentally.  At Balconi, we never want to over-train, if anything we want to be the solution of HOW to keep our athletes happy and fresh.

In season Maintenance training is more than bodyweight activities it includes weights, cross section core training and sport specific movements to launch our athletes game to the next level during season and into the next!  

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