Protein Powders for you!

What Protein powders are best for me?  This is a common question we get asked a lot at Balconi Top Training.  Picking a protein powder comes down to what settles best in your stomach and what taste the best to you, period.  Many of the Isolate, Whey protein powders are all very similar when it comes to the ingredients and the recovery benefits.  The calories usually range from 130-220, the protein ranges from 20-26 grams, the fat is 3 or lower, the carbohydrates are usually lower in powder-7 or less.  That being said-  I do suggest our athletes take in additional fruit and-or grain with their shake, or make a smoothie with additional carbohydrates(fruit).  The additional carbohydrates are needed for proper recovery.  The top 5 protein powders that seem to sell at our local Vitamin Shoppe located in Mason, Ohio is:  1.  GNC 100% Whey Protein powder   2.  Whey Tech  3.  Syntha-6  4.  Beverly( A local company in KY.)  5.  ProTizYme Peanut Butter Cookie(YUM!!)

Here are some pics for you:

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