Mason and Badin H.S. Women soccer teams make it to States….What they have in common?

First, we work with many players, many teams and we think very highly of all of them.  At any point, we truly believe any of our players could compete to be one of the best and we truly believe that any of the teams we work with could compete for that final title.  That being said- Two of the teams that we trained this summer are heading to Columbus, Ohio this Friday and playing in the Highschool State Championship game!  Mason H.S and Badin Womens soccer teams have both earned and fought their way to the final game and we couldnt be prouder of each one of them.  I thought it would be interesting to point out some similarities of these two teams that we noticed this summer.  The State Playoff recipe:

1.  Family-  These teams fought like sisters, they laughed like sisters and they stood up for each other.  It was OK for them to fight and pick on each other, but it was NOT ok for anyone else outside the lines to do so.  Did they get along all the time, no.  In fact, they had some tough times, but they mended and played as family when crucial times hit.

2.  Leadership-  There was not one, there was a solid core of many.  This can either be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for amazing results.  Both teams have a handful of strong minded, stubborn and passionate-talented kids.  Again, was their some “heated” moments between these leaders, sure.  How did it work-  They talked it out.  They did what is so HARD for many to do, they confronted and either agreed OR agreed to disagree.  They realized to lead their teams it could not be about them, it had to be what was best for the team.

3.  Living and competing bigger than themselves.  Both teams give back.  All summer and fall, both teams participated in charitable events, coached in Top soccer and even during season..every Friday night, these players work with kids who dream of playing the game, but may never have the opportunity.  Both teams take pride in representing their High school, their classmates, their coaches, their families and all others who cheer them on.

Lastly-  They just don’t stop, they just keep fighting.  I had the privledge to hear from both of these coaches who represent these two higschools;  Andy Schur, Mason H.S. and Coach Berkely, Badin H.S.  They both said and expressed the same exact theme:  ”  They just kept fighting, they never stopped.”  The WILL, the WANT, the DESIRE and the PASSION are ingredients these two teams are made up of.   FAMILY, LEADERSHIP and UNSELFISHNESS may be the secret ingrediants that had led them to the final game this Friday….


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