Winter Break Balconi Workout Tips!

Well it’s Holiday break and you have a week or two without school, practices, work and etc. Some of you need to take some days off and simply recover-rest.  Others may need to take this time to focus on certain areas of your game and-or your conditioning.  Most of the Balconi Top Training athletes, I am telling you that you NEED to take some time rest-rejuvenate…just saying.  As for what to do during the break to make sure you are ready for the big showcase coming up or too simply stay in shape to keep up with Balconi workouts in Jan.  All these tools below CAN be done anywhere.  Home, Hotel, Cruise, Airport(yes I did-do…layovers happen:), etc. Time of workout should be anywhere from 20-45 minutes.  Quality over Quantity.  It’s not the length of time of the workout, it’s WHAT and HOW you perform during the workout time.

1.  Soccer skill–  Skill needs to be at top of the list if you’re attending showcases this break.  Most of you memorize our Balconi Skill set.  Remember:  Simplicity is key.  As long as ball is at your feet, it’s 100% YOURS.

2.  Speed tech-  The first 3-5 steps will save you the 50 yard chase down or recovery run.

3.  Strength-  2-3x a week, not day BEFORE game, OK day after a game.

  • 3a:  Example:  Set 1:  Squats, Push ups, Pull ups, Hip drives, Planks.  Set 2:  Walking lunges or single leg squat, Decline push ups(Feet on chair,hands on floor), Pull up kick, Single leg soccer ball roll in-hip drive, Side planks.

4.  Cardio-Heart Rate- 2-3x a week(Soccer practices-games count as HR)  Remember train how you play.  Soccer is not a consistent pace, it’s sprint-jog and it’s multi directional.  Warm up always.

  • 4a:  Balconi Tabbata:  20 sec fast-10 sec rest x 8.  2 min rest- Repeat 2 more times.  Example on Bike, elliptical, swimming, etc.  OR- Home Example:  Quick feet, High knees, side to side quick feet(shuffle like), split jumps(or any other mini hopping).
  • 4b:  Balconi 30-30:  30 sec fast-30 sec off, total time 25-35 minutes.  4a movements apply here as well.

5.  Balconi Injury Prevention: 3-5x a week(depending on schedule and previous-past injury) All Balconi Top Training athletes should know the variety of Injury prevention movements.  Please make sure to include these movements during your week or 2 away.

MUST TAKE DAYS OFF-Please remember this is your time away.  Everyone’s body and minds need to be rested and refreshed when Jan. hits.  EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone and as always, have fun and best to you and your families always!

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