Thank you families for another incredible year! Top 5 stats-accomplisments-Proud of YOU.

Happy New Years and thank you so much to ALL of our Balconi athletes-familes who have made our 2013 an amazing year.  Thank you to the individuals who walk through our Balconi Top Training doors everyday with an incredible personality and drive to be the best person-player.  Thank you to the high school teams that we have had the privilege to train during their pre-season and seasons, and letting us become part of your teams family.  Thank you to the club teams, the directors, club trainers and all the college-US National coaches that trust us and have always supported us in what we do at Balconi for-with their players.  Most importantly; Thank you to the Moms, Dads, Grandma’s, Grandpa’s and all those family members who have trusted us with their kids in not only making them better players, but better individuals.  As for memories of 2013, honestly-  There are SO many awesome, funny, emotional and forever lasting moments that happen in our Balconi facility on a weekly basis….writing them all down, is not possible.  BUT, I do have some impressive “rough” stats that YOU all should be proud of.  Proud of you, proud of your Balconi family members who have accomplished such awards and proud of being a part of such a special group.  We are so proud of each one of you.  Check out YOUR TOP 5 Balconi Accomplishments-Stats:

1.  33+ Balconi women players have committed- played their Freshman year of D1 college.

2.  17+  Balconi women players who earned All Highschool soccer awards for high school season.

3.  Over 50% of the High school All American teams-All Star teams were Balconi women players-family.

3.  6+  Balconi women players who have been pulled up to the US NATIONAL teams.

4.  2 out of 3 State Teams:  Badin and Mason H.S., both Balconi Summer Pre-season teams: Played in the State Finals at Crew Stadium 2013.

5.  Balconi Summer college group, almost ALL passed 100% of their fitness test AND started or played over half of their 1st college season, as FRESHMAN.



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