The Balconi Way of Training-US Soccer Head Fitness coach’s way as well

Core Functional explosive strength, wow, that’s a lot to train for.  Well, so is soccer, so is basketball, volleyball, hockey, ice skating, etc.  This is exactly why we believe athletes should train to play.  Not necessarily train to play your sport, for we are BIG believers that training like an “ATHLETE” is essential to success on and off the fields, courts, etc.  Now, there is a time to train for your sport and timing is key.  The closer an athlete reaches her-his specific sport, the specific skill and body strength function is at high prriority of trainings at Balconi.  Earlier in the “prep” season, recovery, repairing and re-BUILDING strength, speed and power is at high priority.  Notice, the first 2 words are “RECOVERY, REPAIRING.”  Our athletes and many athletes today are worn down, pounding 24-7 and their seasons are no longer segmented, they are mending into one whole year….for many years to go.  Our Balconi athletes need to recover, they need to repair and be at their best before we start loading and amping our intensity-expectations of certain athletes.  Once the athlete is fully recovered and back to “base strength”, as we call it.  “Base strength” definition to us:  The athletes CORE, their foundation, their platform is solid with no cracks, then we can start building the mansion of that athlete.  As we build each level of this mansion, we must make sure that stable “Base strength”, that CORE is still intact and able to handle one more floor.  This Balconi theory, is not only a theory of ours, but of many professional teams, US National teams and top elite teams from around the world.  Take a look what Dawn Scott, US Soccer Womens Head fitness coach says what is best in her eyes, as well as what the NCAA is supporting:


We believe every fitness coach, strength and pro performance coach has a niche and everyone has their way.  No way is right or wrong, for we will never judge another.  We know and believe every athlete is different, every sport is different.  Different how?  Physical stature, maturity, mentality and most importantly-personality.  We believe in training our athletes specifically for what is best for that individual athlete and or team.  It’s just our way, the Balconi way.


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